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Super creamy and not too bitter, this is the best at home yoghurt recipe I have tried so far! This recipe does call for a  yoghurt maker, but no worries if you don't have one at hand - you can make the yoghurt in a warming drawer! If desired here this is the maker that I use at home that you can buy. 


  • 4 Cups Whole Milk 

  • Yogurt Culture Mix


  1. Boil the 4 cups of milk until it reaches 180°F 

  2. Take off heat and let it cool to 90°F

  3. Pour the culture mix into milk and mix well until it has dissolved 

  4. Pour into jars and keep in a yogurt maker or warming drawer for 24 hours; yogurt should be completely solid 

  5. When serving feel free to add any fruits, home made jam, or honey to make it a little sweeter 

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